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About us

FEELTEK focus on dynamic focus system,supply 3D surface marking,engraving,welding, additive manufacturing,surface modificaton and other kinds of laser processing solutions.The company has a professional optical,software,control system development team, owns the core invention patent related to dynamic focus system.

FEELTEK is delicated to leading innovative 3D laser processing, through excellent product performance and professional technical services, to become the world's leading laser dynamic focus application service supplier.



Products and Services

Its main products are laser dynamic focusing platform, including large-scale focusing marking platform, light guide plate laser marking platform, 3D laser carving platform, 3D surface direct forming platform and automatic production line 3D marking program. Products have been widely used in industrial manufacturing, electronic manufacturing, garment processing, artwork processing and many other fields.

Ferrotec provides high-precision, high-speed, high-stability dynamic focusing system, patented optical path design, motion control and application software, with the "product plus" model of product quality tracking system, building the largest dynamic focusing application proofing platform in China, quickly responding to market demand, application process plan and sample parameter description, providing high performance-price ratio. Dynamic Focus Solution.